Friday, November 1, 2013

Pika, pika, pikachu!

Happy Halloween!  I love Halloween!  It's the one time of year that kids (and kids at heart) can be anything they want to be.  My mom is an amazing seamstress and we always had the best Halloween costumes.  I remember telling her what I wanted to be and a few days later, the costume would magically appear!  Well , the tradition has carried over to my kiddos.  They are lucky, lucky girls!

Here's a picture:
Mom made the vampiress costume and I made the Pikachu costume.  I absolutely love how they both came out.

The biggest struggle with the Pikachu costume was the hat.  I actually used an old Japanese pattern book pattern for the shirt and a self-drafted pj bottom pattern for the pants.  The hat, however, is a different matter.  To save myself time, I bought Simplicity 1953 - a simple hat pattern.  Trick on me, it was not simple.  To sum it up, I spent more time on that hat than I did making the shirt, pants, and tail!  Oh well, the end result worked out.

Some more pictures:
The back - she was super excited about the tail!

The front during the "trying on" phase!

Hope you got lots of candy last night!!

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