Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tackling trousers, finally!

What a crazy month! With our California trip and back to school, there hasn't been much time for sewing or blogging.  But, a little sewing has been happening - more importantly, I finally decided to do the whole pant - not just shorts!

A little teaser!
Some much needed jeans will be added to my wardrobe soon!  And yes, I snuck some zebra stripe in.

Also, my next project is in the planning stages.  I've had this fabric FOREVER.  I think a dress would be good, but haven't landed the perfect pattern yet.  I draped the fabric on my dress form today, and it reaffirms my dress thoughts.  Perhaps a more fitted silhouette would be good?

I also like the idea of adding a red belt or something.

Ok, I better get cracking!  More photos to come!

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